Facing the Giants

One of my all time favorite motivational clips is from the sports movie, Facing the Giants. It’s a Christian-based movie about a high school football coach who goes through difficult times both on and off the field.

There are several great scenes in the movie, but my favorite scene comes after the team has lost three straight games to start the season and they are discussing the upcoming game on Friday night. The team already seems like they know the outcome of the game. Even the team captain, Brock, talks as if they are going to lose. That is when Coach Taylor challenges the captain to do the “death crawl” for 50 yards.

Check out the clip!

Not only did Brock get to the 50 yard line, he made it to the opposite end zone, 100 yards. Never did Brock or any of his teammates think that was a possibility. However, he gave it everything he had. He didn’t just stop when he started getting tired or it started getting hard, he pushed through.

So what can we take from this video? First, did you keep an eye on Coach Taylor during the clip? Coach Taylor was right beside Brock the entire time. He was motivating and pushing Brock as much as possible. If it wasn’t for Coach Taylor, Brock would have given up way before he actually did. Coach Taylor believed in Brock and didn’t let Brock give up on himself. Doesn’t that sound like a teacher? It is a teacher’s job to motivate and encourage students. The teacher has to push students to go further than they ever thought possible. Teachers have to believe in their students, because if the teacher doesn’t believe in them, who will?

Second, this scene and the entire movie is about giving your personal best in everything you do. If you give everything you have, good things happen. At the first teacher meeting, we talked about making Indian Creek the best school in the state. That goal is a possibility if we all give everything we have each and every day. Let’s push each other to achieve more than we ever thought possible. Let’s make this year the best year in the history of Indian Creek High School!





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