Clear eyes, full hearts, can’t lose!


My wife and I have recently become obsessed with watching the TV series “Friday Night Lights” on Netflix. About a month ago, our satellite went out and it took us three weeks to get it fixed. We quickly got hooked on the series and I’ll admit, we watched all 75 episodes in a month’s time. Like I said, we were obsessed. We did just watch the final episode, so maybe we can go back to our normal life again. If you haven’t watched “Friday Night Lights,” it is about a high school football coach, Eric Taylor, his family and his team. It was a very addicting series because it was about way more than just football, it was about life. One theme or quote that was heard in many of the episodes was “Clear eyes, full hearts, can’t lose.” This saying was chanted by Coach Taylor and his football team before they left the locker room and headed onto the field. It was the motto that they played with throughout the games and is a great motto to live by. So, what does “Clear eyes, full hearts, can’t lose” mean? Let me share with you what it means to me and how I think we can all apply it to our lives as individuals or as educators.

Clear eyes: When I think of clear eyes, I think of the word focus. It is important to stay focused on what matters most and not get sidetracked by all of the happenings of the world or the school. One way to stay focused is to have a vision, which allows you to know where you are going, or to know where you would like to be. Vision comes from the word videin, which means “to see.” Having a vision allows a person or a school to see and stay focused on the ultimate goal or end result. Once you have a vision, it is then important to act on that vision. Joel Barker once said, “Vision without action is merely a dream. Action without vision just passes the time. Vision with action can change the world.” As a school, our main focus should be on what is best for kids. If we keep that as our main focus, we can’t go wrong.

Full heart: As educators, we must come to school each and every day ready to give 100 percent. It goes back to one of my previous posts of being 212. We have to give an extra degree of effort in everything that we do. We have students who come to us every day in need of someone who is going to encourage, support, motivate and teach them. Our jobs aren’t easy, but they are essential. In order to be the best educators possible, we have to love what we do. Everyone knows we didn’t go into education for the money, we decided to become educators because we want to make a difference and because we love working with kids. Loving our jobs and coming to school each day with passion, that’s what having a full heart is all about.

Can’t Lose: If we have a vision and focus on what is most important and we love what we do, we cannot lose. It’s a winning formula. Lesson plans don’t always go as planned, parent phone calls sometimes go worse than expected, students may even cause us to get gray hair (trust me, this has happened to me). All of what I just mentioned is part of the job, it comes with the territory. We need to remember though that we have the opportunity to make a difference and to change lives.



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